Is it necessary to train one’s cleaning lady in the use of home automation?

Home automation is invading the house. It allows to secure it, but also to maintain it. However, this sector of technology does not really threaten cleaning staff, since many tasks still require the intervention of a human being. However, home automation is changing their workplace and it may be interesting to encourage a cleaning lady to be trained in these new uses.

Finding an already competent domestic worker

The ideal, when you have a connected home and home automation plays an important role in the operation and management of the home, is to contact a domestic worker already accustomed to these new technologies and their challenges. It will then only remain to make a quick tour of the house to present the different accesses and your expectations.

It is also possible to use the services of specialized companies that allow you to find a cleaning lady quickly and easily. In some cities, this is already an almost indispensable service. Finding a cleaning lady in Paris, for example, becomes child's play when it used to be an ordeal.

Are there any training courses?

At the moment, there is no training that would allow domestic workers to learn how to use, program and maintain a fully connected home equipped with home automation. It is therefore not possible for the employer to send his housekeeper to an official training organisation to take advantage of the training contributions.

The only training that is worthwhile is therefore the training that a knowledgeable and competent employer will be willing to provide to an employee if he or she needs it. In any case, a short training will always be necessary since each connected house has many specificities related to its home automation installation.

Organizing the cohabitation between domestic worker and home automation

It is of course possible to take advantage of the installation of home automation equipment to save on the cost of a domestic worker. Indeed, if the watering of the garden and the maintenance of the soil are entirely carried out by robots and connected equipment, this represents less work for the housekeeper.

But it may be preferable to ask the housekeeper to concentrate on other tasks that are inaccessible to the robots (robots do not go up and down stairs, do not clean ceilings, are not yet convenient for cleaning windows, etc.). Either you take advantage of this to save money or you take advantage of it to give your employee new tasks without spending more money than before.

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