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Arlo Audio Doorbell Connected Review

Arlo complements its video surveillance system with an easy-to-install audio doorbell that integrates seamlessly into the ecosystem.

Create a Valentine’s Day atmosphere with your Jeedom home automation system!

With its home automation system, it is very easy to create a romantic atmosphere with a simple click. Ideal for Valentine's Day!

Setting up a DRP for your home automation system?

A failed home automation system can be critical in a home today, for safety or energy savings for example. Do you have a DRP?

Philips Hue Smart Plug Review: the socket connected to control any lamp (and not only!)

Signify offers here a connected socket compatible with the Philips Hue system, allowing any floor lamp to be integrated into the Hue system...

How to choose your Network Switch?

A switch is nowadays something more and more important in a network, even in the home. But how to choose it? Here are a few ideas...

Nodon Friends of Hue Review: the cordless and battery-free square button for Philips Hue!

The Nodon Friends of Hue switch allows you to control one or more connected Philips Hue lights, wirelessly and without the need for a battery...

Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Review: drive your house by voice from your car!

The Roav Bolt brings voice control in the car, thanks to Google Assistant. It then becomes easy to launch your music, or even to drive your house...

Control Jeedom by voice with Google Assistant

Piloting your house by voice, many have dreamt of it! It's now very easy to do it with Jeedom and Google Assistant for example...

On adore !
BassMe Review: immerse yourself in your movies and video games with the BassMe personal subwoofer!

BassMe aims to improve immersion in music, movies, and video games by translating bass into vibrations in the body...

Philips Hue Smart Button Review: the smart button in French switch format!

We've been dreaming about it for a long time, here it is: the Philips Hue switch in French format! The Philips Hue Smart Button also has a number of smart ...

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